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Canadian Victoria Converts to Islam

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9 thoughts on “Canadian Victoria Converts to Islam


maa shaa Allaah! May Allaah keep respected sis Victoria Nailah Edwards firm in ISLAAM, aameen.

Victoria Edwards

Thanks so much for the support Allah be with us all in our Jihad!


    Assalamo Alaikum WarahmaTuLLAH’,
    Victoria has any Email Contact?

      Mohsen Haredy

      Thank you Rahimdel, for your comment.
      Unfortunately, we do not the contact info of sister Victoria.
      Try to find her page on Facebook or Twitter.


    AssalamuAlaykum sister May Allah protect and guide you to the right path,I would like to get in touch with your organisation if possible to spread da’wa of islam


aameen my dear sis


need adive in become Islam..I am Canadian and just start to learn about ..just want more info and watching video really help me a more to decide what I really want and I get wait ..So if u have any other advice would be very helpful thank ..

    Mohsen Haredy

    Thank you for your interest in Islam.

    Islam is not just a religion, it is a way of life. Islam is very simple to practice. Muslims believe that God created people for a purpose which is to acknowledge His existence, oneness, and to worship Him alone.

    Muslims offer five daily prayers which keep them connected all the day with their Creator. Muslims believe in other prophets sent before the Prophet Muhammad, the final Prophet of God. Muslims believe in Jesus, Moses, Abraham Noah and all other prophets. Muslims believe in all previous authentic scriptures revealed by God to the Prophets.

    Islam is about peace and submission to God. Islam is about social justice and maintaining human rights. Islam is about love, tolerance, and cooperation.

    Do not judge Islam with what some Muslims do. Islam has nothing to do with violence and terrorism.

    This is in brief what Islam is about.

    If you still have some questions, please send them to me.

    If you decide to become a Muslim, it is very easy. You just say “I bear witness that there is no god but Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is His messenger.”


as salamu alaikum, i hope you are getting great life for both world, allah bless you ameen,

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