Prophet Muhammad: The Perfect Family Man

Approaching Family: Life Post-Shahadah

Are you new to Islam? Do you want to how to tell your family about your conversion to Islam?

Watch this video presented by Peter Casey (Dawah Addict) who will provide you with some useful tips on how to approach your family with the news of your conversion to Islam.

“I have a had many conversations with new Muslims and with those who are very close to taking the Shahadah, and probably the number one concern they have is how to tell their families about their Islam, and how their families will react.

“This video addresses what I think are the most key issues in approaching family and offers some suggestions and ideas, but remember, everyone situation is unique, so approach it the way you think will work best with your family.”

Approaching Family: Life Post-Shahadah

Source: Dawahaddict Youtube Channel

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