Willpower between Reliance on God and Self-Confidence

We all want to achieve success and often it is easier said than done. Is there an attainable fo ...

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The Deeds Most Beloved to God: The Gates to Goodness

From God’s mercy, there’re some deeds through which we get closer to Him, earn His good pleasur ...

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Fear and Hope: God’s Two Blessings

Hope, we can all understand, is a gift from God that keeps our faith strong and our life bearab ...

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True Faith and Personal Responsibility

On the journey to God, to have true faith one has to strive for purification of the self, true ...

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nature-green fields

Make Your Way to Jannah

How do we get closer to Paradise? How do we engage in constant self-development process every s ...

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What Makes Me a Muslim?

In addressing your Muslim identity, there are some questions you needs to ask: What makes a Mus ...

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Life’s True Joy and Major Assets

Between life’s countless pleasures and temptations and one’s commitment to their faith and God, ...

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path in nature

On the Path to God

What should the purpose of life be; pleasing God or seeking paradise? How does one seek God’s w ...

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Faith: Does It Increase and Decrease?

What does outline one’s true faith? How does a Muslim describe himself as a believer? Where doe ...

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Blessed to Be Muslim

Why do we choose God, repose belief in Him, and obey Him? Do we have the freedom to do otherwis ...

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