Belief in Life after Death

Belief in Life After Death

Islamic doctrine holds that human existence continues after the death of the human body in the ...

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Belief in Divine Decree

Belief in the Divine Decree

Allah’s foreknowledge is infallible. He is not indifferent to this world or its people. He is W ...

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Death Are you prepared for it ? The ultimate reality

Death: Are You Prepared for it?

This important topic applies to everyone, as we all have an appointment with death, and ignorin ...

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people dont be fooled by this Life

Don’t be Fooled by this Life

This life is very short. We are leading it for a divine purpose and a test, which we should end ...

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Dont forget about the Hereafter

Don’t Forget About the Hereafter

This lecture by `Abdur-Rahim Green reminds us of the hereafter and the necessity to do good dee ...

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Death and after-life

Death and Afterlife

Death is a fact that none can ever deny. It will surely come to everyone and everything at the ...

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