The Fifth Pillar of Islam: Hajj

If not a visit to the shrines of saints, to monasteries for help from holy men, or to sights wh ...

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Performing `Umrah… Quick and Simplified `Umrah Rites

Whether youare going to perform `Umrah or just want to learn about this splendid journey, here ...

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Hajj… Here I Am at Your Service God

In the midst of the boisterous commotion of life, and people running after their long and short ...

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Hajj & the Spiritual Homeland of Every Muslim

Why do Muslims make pilgrimage to Makkah? What is the significance of some of the rituals perfo ...

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perform hajj

Hajj: The Universal Institution of Islam

The course of Hajj is another unique characteristic of Islam, it is enjoined by God to serve ma ...

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Pilgrimage: The Journey of Different Religions

What does hajj in essence mean and what is it meant to instill in man? How do the adherents of ...

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Hajj 2013

Hajj 2013: In Pictures

Millions of Muslims converge yearly to Saudi Arabia to perform the annual Hajj, one of the worl ...

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Arnoud van Doorn

Former Anti-Islam Advocate, Arnoud van Doorn, in Hajj

A new Muslim now, the once strident Islamophobe, who produced an offensive film about Islam and ...

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Malcolm X’s Letter from Makkah

Read what Malcolm X had to say after he performed Hajj in Makkah and how hajj changed his way o ...

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Makkah at night

Hajj: Seeing the Unseen

How it feel for someone who have left everything behind solely to answer the call of God, stand ...

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