How It Feels to Be Connected to God

How do you define your relationship with God? Have you tried turning it off and on again? ...

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Don’t let her leave Islam

Don’t Let Her Leave Islam!

Here's my new Muslim sister! You don't know she's found the solace of her heart, do you? Don’t ...

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Arnoud van Doorn

Former Anti-Islam Advocate, Arnoud van Doorn, in Hajj

A new Muslim now, the once strident Islamophobe, who produced an offensive film about Islam and ...

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Malcolm X’s Letter from Makkah

Read what Malcolm X had to say after he performed Hajj in Makkah and how hajj changed his way o ...

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My Lifetime Journey

Can you imagine being in the company of God, feeling His touch on your heart and soul? Can you ...

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prayer beads, Islam

Experience Lessons from Converting to Islam

What did happen when you declared your conversion to Islam? What have you been through? Was it ...

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My Way to Islam

Who is your God? How did you find Him? What are His words? Who is His final Messenger, from his ...

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With Every Shahadah a New Life Is Born

How long ago did you convert to Islam? Do you remember the moment you took your Shahadah? What ...

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How a Convert Woman Sees Their Status in Islam

Being a Christian American doesn’t necessarily mean being liberated. Learn how Thompson was lib ...

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Choosing God

Are we happy to be in God's presence? God is always there, but do we want to re-orientate our l ...

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