nature sunset

Islam: An Easygoing Outlook on Life

Is a devoted practicing Muslim required to be harsh towards oneself and others? Did Islam came ...

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water and cleanliness

The Muslim Character: Cleanliness

Prophet Muhammad was the embodiment of cleanness and purity. Learn how our beloved Prophet was ...

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Family Comes First

Family Life: Lessons from the Qur’an

How do you play your role in your family, community, and in life? How do you manage your family ...

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New Muslims, Niqab

New Muslims, Niqab and Family Issues

Is wearing a niqab obligatory in Islam? Besides, my parents are difficult. How do I deal with t ...

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New Muslims & Loneliness

How often do you feel lonely and cut off? What do you usually do when you are trapped in such f ...

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Islam and the Value of Time

Do we own time? How is it precious? How do you spend your time? What does Islam say about it? W ...

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Disagreement and Debate in Islam

We, humans, are different by nature, but how we differ and react to our differences is what mat ...

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Little did I know that Islam would change my life.

Meet Aminah Assilmi: The True Truth Seeker (Part 1)

Have you heard about the former American Baptist girl and radical feminist, who took up a missi ...

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How could a Muslim develop a modest character?

How to Be Muslim and Modest? (Part 2)

How could we be of a true modest disposition? What areas in our character and life should be wo ...

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punctuality is respectful of people's time

Punctuality: The Norm of Muslim

How punctual should a Muslim be? Is it only a religious rule relating to prayer times? How shou ...

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