Mus`ab ibn `Umayr: The First Envoy of Islam (2/2)

With unmistakable good sense, excellent mind, true faith and a noble character Mus`ab had prove ...

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wild flowers

Mus`ab ibn `Umayr: The First Envoy of Islam (1/2)

From a pampered rich young man to a legendary icon of faith, bravery, firmness and dedication. ...

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The prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Muhammad: The Seal of Prophets

With an everlasting miracle, the Qur'an, Prophet Muhammad was sent to the whole humanity and fo ...

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Qur'an, prayer beads

Prophet Muhammad: The Man Who Educated Humanity

What did Prophet Muhammad educate humanity? What does his saying “Seek knowledge form the cradl ...

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Prophet Muhammad’s Farewell Pilgrimage and Sermon

The Farewell Speech outlines five basic principles of the Islamic programme of action, two of t ...

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Muhammad: The Prophet of Mercy

Please allow me to briefly present to you my book “MUHAMMAD, THE PROPHET OF MERCY” (255 pages), ...

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Prophet Muhammad’s Marriage to `A’ishah

Sheikh Yusuf Estes addresses a question about prophet Muhammad's marriage to his wife `A'ishah. ...

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