A Beginners Guide to Prayer in Islam

American Architect Accepts Islam

Do you really have peace in your heart? Are you truly happy in life? Do you really know the purpose of your life? Is that all that you do with your life play games, workout, talk on the phone about nothing, x-box, drugs, partying , listening to same song 100 times in your car, chasing girls, teasing boys, aren’t you sick of this? Do you really want to be the old man or old women in the Club?

Aren’t you ready to live your true purpose in life and work on your soul and truly have peace and purpose in life because you’ll finally know you are doing the right thing?

Watch this video with and open heart and an open mind and if your sincerely looking for peace and purpose in life this video will be your first step in attaining that true peace and purpose and at the end of it all the ultimate reward, Paradise.



Source: Taken with kind permission from thedeenshow.com.

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