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I Have Found True Life and Absolute Peace: My Journey to Islam

Sami is an American living in Saudi Arabia. He came to Saudi Arabia in 2011 for work. When he came he knew nothing about Islam or the Prophet (peace be upon him) but the negative image the media was spreading. And it was his journey to Islam.

How did he find the truth about the religion? Where did he find the answers to his questions? What has he found in Islam? How does he feel about his fellow Muslims?

Watch brother Sami talks about his journey to Islam …



Source: Islam is the religion of peace and safety

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One thought on “I Have Found True Life and Absolute Peace: My Journey to Islam

Mateen Elass

This gentleman is likeable, but deluded. He claims to have been a Christian, and to always have been a worshiper of the God of Abraham, but it is clear that he has never understood the message of the gospel, nor the Jesus of the New Testament; otherwise, there is no way he could embrace his past and his newfound faith in Islam as if there are no inherent contradictions between both religious worlds.

I hope he truly finds the peace he claims he now has. Islam provides no guarantees of salvation, only a flimsy hope that if one keeps the pillars and the commands of Shari’a, and avoids major sins, that perhaps Allah will show mercy to that individual, but of course, only Allah knows.

Were he a Christian, fully trusting in what Christ has accomplished through his death on the cross for the atonement for one’s sins, he would have full assurance of God’s mercy toward him, and thus a true inner peace, not based on his own flawed efforts to live perfectly, but rather on Christ’s perfect work on his behalf.

Like I said, I pray he will discover the true path to perfect peace in God’s gift of grace to him through Jesus Christ.

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