Islam’s Code of Life Between Faith and Obedience

Islam’s Code of Life: Between Faith and Obedience

Islam means obedience to God. And it is common sense that this obedience cannot be complete unl ...

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Do I Have to Follow A Specific Madhab

Do I Have to Follow a Specific Madhhab?

We have the four madhhabs that are known to us today. Maliki, Hanafi, Hanbali and Shafi`i. Am I ...

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Enjoying-God’s Company

Enjoying God’s Company and Praying to Him: Seventeenth Stop of Your Spiritual Journey to God

If He takes you away from people, then know that He is opening to you the doors of His Company. ...

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connected to qur'an

8 Tips to Stay Connected to the Qur’an After Ramadan

Do you feel as your life lacks something after Ramadan? What is the real cause of this feeling? ...

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The angel and Al-Buraq left, and Muhammad proceeded to the home of Umm Hani,

Beyond the Night Journey

Why was the Prophet taken on the Night journey? Was it a spiritual or physical one? What did Go ...

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Attaching the Heart to Allah

The Faith of a Muslim: Attaching the Heart to Allah

Joy in this world and the Hereafter cannot realized except through love and knowledge of Allah; ...

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The Masjid

The Masjid: Status and Etiquette of the House of Allah

The mosque is where Muslims should pray five times every day, where they seek refuge from the t ...

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Do We Worship Allah Out of Love, Fear or Hope?

Hope, fear, and love. Which of these should be connected with our worship to Allah (Exalted be ...

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Allah’s Books

The Muslim and the Belief in Allah’s Books

What does it mean to believe in Allah’s books? What are these books, and why do we believe in t ...

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Prophet Muhammad morals

Prophet Muhammad: A Morality Message for All Time

Equality of opportunity, mercy, justice, human rights, peaceful coexistence and respect for nat ...

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