Examples of Righteousness

An explanation of hadith no. 36 from An-Nawawi's Forty Hadith. The hadith highlights several pr ...

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How to Be Patient?

Al-Sabr means to restrain oneself from neglecting Allah’s commands, indulging in prohibitions o ...

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message of peace

Moderation in the Light of the Sunnah

The article clarifies that moderation is most required by the texts of the Glorious Qur’an and ...

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Equality: Its Meaning and Roots in Islam

Though we are not exactly alike, we are equal. How? What does equality mean? Didn’t Allah creat ...

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Greeting in Islam

The Neglected Value of Greeting

Greeting in Islam not only increases friendship, harmony and respect, it simultaneously signifi ...

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Thanksgiving: The Essence of Belief

Thankfulness is among the stations of those journeying to Allah… How does giving thanks contrib ...

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The Wicked Slander against the Mother of the Believers

This is the story of 'A'ishah in which the hypocrites wanted to harm the Prophet Muhammad throu ...

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A Woman of Perfection

Islam provides a balanced lifestyle for women seeking the true meaning of perfection as it focu ...

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Migrating without Moving: Performing Hijrah in Your Daily Life

The article talks about another meaning of hijrah: removing yourself from negative and detrimen ...

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The Foundations of Good Moral Character

The Foundations of Good Moral Character: The Prophet’s Excellent Example

Before advising his followers to adopt a moral life by giving sermons and counsels, he was sowi ...

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