The Qur'an and Social Stability

The Qur’an and Social Stability

How does the Qur’an relate to every and each aspect of our life? What does a heavenly book have ...

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Examples of Righteousness

An explanation of hadith no. 36 from An-Nawawi's Forty Hadith. The hadith highlights several pr ...

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Tips for New Muslims on How to Read the Qur'an

Tips for New Muslims on How to Read the Qur’an

It is very important for Muslims to read the Qur'an and get a better understanding of its messa ...

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Revelation and How It Came to the Prophet Muhammad

Wahy (revelation) is a form of guidance form God. So, what does it mean, what are the means of ...

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Prostration of Recitation (Sujud At-Tilawah)

There are 15 verses of the Gracious Quran the Prophet (PBUH) prostrated upon reciting. Muslims ...

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Religious Criterion

How Do We Determine What Is Right and Wrong?

When life has become a wide spectrum of complex, interrelated and even contradictory interests, ...

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sahih muslim

Hadith: Its Meaning and Significance

What does the word hadith mean, what does it refer to exactly? Why is hadith so important to Mu ...

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The Miracle of the Coccyx and Resurrection

This article discusses the issue of resurrection in Islam and provides irrefutable proofs from ...

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What Is the Quran?

Muslims do not just believe that the Quran is from God based on blind faith. The Quran is a liv ...

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The Seven Under Allah’s Shade

On the Day of Judgment, the sun will be very near and it will be too hot to bear. Here are seve ...

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