I Have Found True Life and Absolute Peace: My Journey to Islam

Sami is an American living in Saudi Arabia. He came to Saudi Arabia in 2011 for work. When he c ...

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Reflection: The Fifth Stop of Your Spiritual Journey to God

Reflection is a marvelous form of worship that pushes people in their path to God. It helps peo ...

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Sincerity: The Fourth Stop of Your Spiritual Journey to God

You eat, drink, work, get married, go, come, buy, sell, etc. All these are habits. If you show ...

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Top 10 Celebrities Who Have Converted to Islam

With average citizens turning towards Islam, famous celebs have also come forward, admitting to ...

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What Has Becoming a Muslim Done for Me

My Journey to Islam: What Has Becoming a Muslim Done for Me?

Years since I converted and I find myself sometimes asking “Did I really need to convert or was ...

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journey to Islam

My journey to Islam: A Journey of Seeking God’s Love

I failed to see Christianity as truth which led me to see many examples of the inconsistencies ...

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Converts, sun rays

Converts: We Want To Be Good Muslims, But..

Becoming a Muslim is a scary undertaking. With so much unknown that lies ahead, converting to I ...

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British Police Officer Daniel Binichi

British Police Officer: Islam Is the Defining Point in My Life

Daniel wasn’t thinking of becoming Muslim. How Did this British police officer find Islam? How ...

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Dutch Belgian Man Travelled the World, Found Islam

This Dutch Belgian Man Travelled the World & Found Islam

Embarked on his lifelong dream of travelling the world, visiting 60 countries in 4 years, a 29 ...

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Calmness and Other Priceless Things: An American Student’s Journey to Islam

Why did this American student choose Islam? What were the mission ingredients in her life and w ...

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