Domestic Violence – A Friday Speech

In this beneficial speech, Shaykh Waleed Basyouni reminds and encourages people to deal gently ...

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The Prophet’s Miraculous Night Journey A Gift and a Test

The Prophet’s Miraculous Night Journey: A Gift and a Test

What kind of gifts was the Night Journey to the Prophet from his Lord? How did it distinguish b ...

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birth of the Prophet

A Blessed Birth of a Noble Prophet

The Last Prophet was born in one of Makkah’s noble families, Banu Hashim, which enjoyed great r ...

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Life of the Prophet: The Message for Present Muslims

Going through the prophet’s life there are timeless lessons every Muslim can extract and imple ...

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Prophet Muhammad on the Night Journey

Prophet Muhammad on the Night Journey.. The Qur’an Tells Us

What do you know about the Prophet’s miraculous night journey? What happened on that journey? W ...

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dessert nature

Muhammad’s Relationship with Nature: Faith throughout the Mission

How did the Prophet’s life in the desert fashioned him and his outlook on creation and the Crea ...

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nature gentleness

Prophet Muhammad: A Gentle Father and a Merciful Human

What type of father was the Prophet? How did he treated his daughters? How were women treated a ...

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Building up Goodness: Lessons from the Prophet

You can change your life and others’ as well. Learn how the Prophet built up a new Islamic soci ...

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How Did the Prophet Prepare for Ramadan?

What did Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) do in order to welcome Ramadan? Were there specia ...

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Changing the Qiblah

Changing the Qiblah was intended as the abolition of the sanctity of space whatever it may be a ...

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