Prostration of Recitation (Sujud At-Tilawah)

There are 15 verses of the Gracious Quran the Prophet (PBUH) prostrated upon reciting. Muslims ...

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The Miracle of the Coccyx and Resurrection

This article discusses the issue of resurrection in Islam and provides irrefutable proofs from ...

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The Meaning of Tawheed (The Oneness of Allah)

In this short video, there is an introduction to tawheed, belief in the Oneness of Allah, its m ...

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Islam: The Way to Find True Freedom

By following Islam you are truly free. How come? Doesn’t the faith impose various obligations, ...

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The Meaning of Shahada in Four Minutes

The first and foremost pillar of islam, the Shahada, is a prerequisite for the other four pilla ...

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Faith is Imperfect without Morality

Morals and Faith in Islam: How Interlinked Are They?

How does faith keep man away from low attributes and mean acts, and how actually does this deve ...

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God’s Plan for Man: Why Are We Here?

From among all creation why was man created? What are we meant to be and do on earth? What is t ...

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How to Avoid Minor Shirk?

Scholars and righteous people pay more attention to the Minor Shirk because it is hidden and th ...

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Description of the Straight Path

Islam: Guidance to the Straight Path

Why do we plead to Allah to ‘guide us to the straight path’? What is unique about such a prayer ...

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The Supererogatory Prayers

The supererogatory prayers may be performed before and/ or after obligatory congregational pray ...

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