Ruku`: Internal Actions

Remember that between almost every change of position we say, "Allahu Akbar." This is to remind ...

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The Ka`bah: History and Significance

Why and how was the Ka`bah built? How does it relate to the meaning and history of Islam? What ...

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Eclipse Prayer

Prayer is one of the righteous deeds people is recommended to perform when there is an eclipse. ...

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The Intention and Its Relation to Acceptance of Deeds

For actions to be accepted and rewarded by Allah there are two crucial prerequisites: Sincerity ...

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Prostration of Recitation (Sujud At-Tilawah)

There are 15 verses of the Gracious Quran the Prophet (PBUH) prostrated upon reciting. Muslims ...

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Suicide and Despair in Islam

How to deal with despair and suicidal thoughts, why one should never despair of the mercy of Al ...

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Rights of the Poor and Needy in Islam

What rights do the poor and needy have in Islam? Why are we, Muslims, entitled to pay prescribe ...

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How to Avoid Minor Shirk?

Scholars and righteous people pay more attention to the Minor Shirk because it is hidden and th ...

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Muslim prayer

The Muslim Prayer: Its Rules and Timing

How do we shorten the prayer? And when is it applicable? When should we make for the missed pra ...

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The Supererogatory Prayers

The supererogatory prayers may be performed before and/ or after obligatory congregational pray ...

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