Prayer: Forms and Purpose

Are there types of prayer in Islam? If so, could one be replaced with another? Is prayer the same as salah? Could we pray in any language?

Is communicating with God restricted to the five-time daily prayer? What is the meaning of dhikr (supplication) and what is the significance of it?

In Islam there’s no intermediate between one and his Creator. You can reach God and communicate with Him whenever and however you want. It’s the inner and unique link between one’s heart and His Lord. No one ever has the right to take this right from you or take your place in that relationship. It’s one’s own cycle that no one could interfere with.

On the other hand, salah is the Muslim’s five-time daily communication with God; it is obligatory prayer on every Muslim, being the Second Pillar of Islam.

Also, there are some forms of du`aa’ and dhikr taught by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) that a Muslim can use in their prayer and supplication to God.

Learn about all this in the video below:

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