Shirk (Polytheism): Its Meaning and Different Forms!

In this short video, Sister Ameena Blake gives a short talk about Shirk (polytheism), its meani ...

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Ruku`: Internal Actions

Remember that between almost every change of position we say, "Allahu Akbar." This is to remind ...

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New Reverts’ Christmas Dilemma

How could a new Muslim go through New Year festivities and rise to the occasion? How could they ...

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The Qur'an and Social Stability

The Qur’an and Social Stability

How does the Qur’an relate to every and each aspect of our life? What does a heavenly book have ...

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life nature-flower

Islam and Preservation of Human Life

How does Islam view human life? What laws has Allah placed to regulate and promote such life? H ...

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Examples of Righteousness

An explanation of hadith no. 36 from An-Nawawi's Forty Hadith. The hadith highlights several pr ...

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The Ka`bah: History and Significance

Why and how was the Ka`bah built? How does it relate to the meaning and history of Islam? What ...

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God Allah

Who Do Muslims Worship: God or Allah?

Isn’t Allah the God of Muslims? How could we differentiate between the God of Islam and that of ...

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Conditions of the Shahadah

The Conditions of the Shahadah to Be Accepted by God

The Shahadah is the key to the gates of Paradise, but in order for it to work, be accepted by G ...

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green earth

What Islam Offers the Earth

God created man to live in harmony with other aspects of His creation not to waste or misuse th ...

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