Tony Blair’s Sister-in-law Converts to Islam

Most of us have already heard of her conversion story to Islam, read about in newspapers or watched her on TV programs. But the Muslim voice on this video articulates the matter differently. With heartfelt peace, gratefulness and compassion, sister Lauren Booth communicates different sides and incidents of her spiritual journey to Islam taking us back and forward in her life.

How indescribable the feeling of submitting oneself to God, of being a sincere worshipper and servant of Him, sister Lauren passionately exclaims, explaining how Islam changed her outwardly and inwardly.

She is mostly known as the sister-in-law of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Yet this is not the issue.

On interesting discoveries and keen pursuit of knowledge about Islam, particularly after 9/11, like many, Lauren found her destination within Islam. Leaving behind years of drinking and dating, she now is living by Islam’s code of life and teachings.

Watch the video and enjoy listening to Lauren Booth diving into her heart and mind exploring what exactly Islam has done for her.

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