The Meaning of Tawheed (The Oneness of Allah)

In this short video, there is an introduction to tawheed, belief in the Oneness of Allah, its m ...

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The Beginning of Salvation Is to Reflect on the Signs of the Quran

The Gracious Quran encourages people to read and reflect on its signs so that they can benefit ...

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Qur'an identity

The Qur’an and Our True Identity as Muslims

What does it mean to be Muslim? Put differently, what does make one worthy of being Muslim? Wha ...

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How to Be Patient?

Al-Sabr means to restrain oneself from neglecting Allah’s commands, indulging in prohibitions o ...

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hadith authentic

Prophetic Traditions: Types & Authenticity

What is an authentic hadith? Is it a revelation from God? How do we determine its authenticity? ...

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Yusha Evans: “My Attraction to Islam was the Quran”

Yusha Evans tells his inspiring story of conversion to Islam after a long journey of searching ...

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The Qur’an: From the Preserved Tablet to Humankind

When Prophet Muhammad was around forty years of age he started to spend time in deep reflection ...

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Is There Any Qur’anic Evidence the Hadith is a Valid Part of Islam

Is There Any Qur’anic Evidence the Hadith is a Valid Part of Islam?

If Allah had intended for us to follow the Hadith, he would have included them in the Qur’an. S ...

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The Difference between the Qur’an, Hadith and Hadith Qudsi

As well as the Quran, the hadith and hadith qudsi are also kinds of revelation. So, what are th ...

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What Books Do You Recommend for Seerah?

When you're looking for a good book of Seerah, the best way to choose is to figure out what you ...

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