In the Light of the Companions: The Story of Ka’B Ibn Malik

By Editorial Staff

As well as being a very famous Companion of Prophet Muhammad (Allah bless him and grant him peace), Ka’b ibn Malik was one of his poets.

Allah accepted the repentance of Ka’b ibn Malik because he was truthful and repented sincerely.

This story of Ka’b which is found in Al-Bukhari and Muslim is so amazing and touching, which the following video is going to cover. Ka’b (Allah be pleased with him) himself relates this beautiful story. Moreover, the Quran speaks about this story, what gives it more importance. Allah says,

and so too upon the three (believers) who were left behind, (who are herewith granted repentance). When, behold, the earth, for all its breadth, (seemed to) close in about them, and (the very reaches of) their souls closed in about them, as well, and they realized that there is no refuge from God except in Him- then He relented toward them, so that they may repent. Indeed, it is God who is the All-Relenting, the Mercy-Giving. (Quran 9:118)

In fact there are many lessons to be learned from this story. Here are a few examples:

1. Allah may provide you with wealth to test you.

2. Be truthful no matter what.

3. Never procrastinate!

4. Repent to Allah sincerely!

5. Be keen on joining the company of righteous people

Watch this video and tell us what else you have learned!

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