Muhammad: The Prophet of Mercy

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Please allow me to briefly present to you my book “MUHAMMAD, THE PROPHET OF MERCY” (255 pages), a planned (five years of work) response to the offensive cartoons.

It mainly addresses readers who are misinformed or know nothing about Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) with the purpose of providing them with principle information about the Prophet and his message, relying on the most authentic Islamic books and most eminent Imams, and using an interesting style of narration – strong, fast and lucid – through a successive flow of pictures from his life to keep the reader’s attention engaged and win respect and admiration.

The book first introduces Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) to the reader as a prophet, not just a great or good man, but as the last of Prophets to all mankind, using the simple yet profoundly powerful words of Ja‘far to the Negus that focus on the Prophet’s invincible power of turning evil into good by the Message of Islam.

After hopefully attracting the attention of reader, the book tries to attract the hearts to him also through the next chapter “A Word Picture” that depicts the superbly admirable character of Prophet Muhammad through the beautiful testimonies of his Companions, starting with the elegant words of Sheikh Al-Ghazali that give vividness and richness to this picture by depicting him at the summit of human goodness, impossible for any other to reach. This chapter ends also with his words that liken his kindness towards people to the sun “that sends its rays and warmth so that each person profits and has a share without feeling that others are sharing in or rivals for its warmth.”

The book then draws the reader closer through the chapter “Why Muhammad?” which declares that the goodness of his heart is the answer, and thus the universality of his message. It illustrates the essence of his message capable of solving all the miseries from which humanity is now suffering.

After discussing his message to all, the next chapter “Mercy upon Mankind” discusses his mercy to all that is manifested in the Hadith: “My similitude is that of a man who has kindled a fire…” which then displays examples of his mercy at peak level when shown to enemies, disbelievers, and hypocrites. The chapter then ends with a concise summary – to be detailed in the next chapters – of his striving to preach Islam in order for the reader to understand the greatness of this bestowed mercy to mankind and the high hurdles Prophet Muhammad had to surmount to convey Islam. These chapters are as follows:

1-Arise and Warn

2-Psychological Warfare (one of the most important parts of the book, analyzing 17 points of attack against the Prophet and his message and powerfully refuting them)

3-Power of the Word لا إله إلا لله (explaining the essence of Tawhid)

4-I Am the Prophet, No Lying

5-Bestowed Mercy

6- Tolerance Together With Mercy

7-On the Road of Hijrah

The book then takes the reader to the ideal, beautiful New World that Prophet Muhammad built, exhibiting how he built it, what were its foundations, policies and administration, and the new things he achieved there and in the life of people (past and present). “Free People”, “On One Ship,” and “Plant it” then present three teachings of the Prophet that were – and still are – capable of building a successful Muslim Ummah.

Having established the new Muslim State the Prophet began the process of expanding Islam by inviting the kings. The approach and its important outcomes are covered in “Writing to Kings”, “Hindering the Path,” and “Divine Victory.”

The book is concluded with broad outlines that help the reader feel connected and directly involved – this message is for you, will you embrace it?

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The book is made available by kind permission from the author.

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