Ibn `Umar tenderness

`Abdullah ibn `Umar: A Great Man with a Tender Heart (Part 2)

Generosity, asceticism and piety all worked together in complete harmony to shape the most magn ...

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Sa`d Ibn Abi Waqqas: The Lion's Claws!

Sa`d Ibn Abi Waqqas: The Lion’s Claws!

Possessing two weapons, his lance and his prayer. Whenever Sa`d pierced an enemy with his lance ...

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`Ammar ibn Yasir A Man of Paradise

`Ammar Ibn Yasir: A Man of Paradise (Part 2)

What do you know about the man whose body bore the scars of the horrible torture and, at the sa ...

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Bilal ibn Rabah: A Miracle of Faith & Truthfulness

How did Bilal ibn Rabah, the Abyssinian who once was only a slave, become one of the great and ...

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human freedom

Bilal Ibn Rabah: A Living Lesson on Human Freedom

The story of Bilal teach us the true meaning of freedom, that blackness of skin and bondage wou ...

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Zayd ibn Harithah: From Slavery to Commandership

The fact that Islam came to abolish corrupt human relationships based on false and superficial ...

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Salman Al-Farisi: True Faith & Real Richness (Part 3)

Do you see the man sitting there in the shade making baskets and utensils out of palm fronds? T ...

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reading qur'an

`Abdullah ibn `Umar: The Persistent Repentant to Allah (Part 1)

Of knowledge, modesty, straight conscience and path, piety, persistence in worship, and sincere ...

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Salman Al-Farisi: The Seeker after the Truth (Part 1)

Who was that Persian Companion of the Prophet? What was his story with the trench? How did he c ...

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Zayd ibn Harithah: From Bondage to the Prophet’s Home

Giving Zayd the choice between staying with him or returning to his parent’s, the Prophet laid ...

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