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merry christmas

Muslims and Merry Christmas Wishes

Is it permissible to wish my non-Muslim co-workers, friends, and family “Merry Christmas”? Should we ...

Yasmin Mogahed

What Does Hijab Mean to Yasmin Mogahed?

What did motivate Yasmin Mogahed to wear the hijab at that age of 13? What change did hijab bring to ...


Prophet Muhammad: A Message of Love & Tolerance

Because he realized the nature of the human self; its needs, defects and desires, and because he cam ...

Women’s rights

Women’s Rights and Status in Islam

Have you tried asking a Muslim woman what does she think about herself as a Muslim? Why do some peop ...


Prophet Muhammad: The Emancipator of Women’s Rights

Because the Prophet’s intervention women were treated as equals, given rights. Learn how the Prophet ...

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